The Website Welcome video (SEE ABOVE) provides an overview of this website’s purpose and direction. It also includes a “Classic Rich Clip” of live ministry from 1998, in which his wife, Donna, makes an appearance also. Total play time: About 14 minutes.

The Introductory Teaching video (SEE BELOW) gives a slightly more detailed description of the website, but it mainly provides a “smorgasbord” teaching that covers a range of related subjects. Each topic is covered only in brief, as any one of them could be expanded into an entire series of videos. Nevertheless, they flow in a logical pattern from one to another, with the video emphasizing throughout its content how true biblical doctrine is found only through rational analysis of the Scriptures. In essence, this Introductory Teaching video is a brief sampling of the types of instruction that this website will cover, coupled with an introduction to Rich Vermillion’s approach to studying theology and his many other subjects (economics, business, politics, etc.). Total play time: Approx. 1 hour 17 minutes.

** Note: The Introductory Teaching does have a couple of typographical errors within the on-screen graphics shown during the video. These were discovered only after the file had completed rendering, which took a full week to accomplish using our outdated equipment. So we will not correct these errors and re-render the content until we acquire our new video production workstation. Please see Project Update & Video Production Workstation for more information.