Our first Bible study video is posted above! In it we begin a study of "Spiritual Growth," but I also touch on several side topics that people should find interesting and quite helpful. Please note which of these subjects you found to be the most surprising, along with your other discussion and commentary below.

As I just noted, the comments section is open on this page. These recorded Bible studies are intended to mimic an in-home or small-group Bible study, and therefore, your participation is invited. So in accordance with the rules laid out near the end of the video, scroll down the page to the comments section and join in. 🙂


I mentioned several study resources for your benefit within the video. Consequently, I said I would go ahead and put some links here on the page to make it easier for you to find them online. Let's start with the FREE stuff first! 😀

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I have a couple of articles already written on my other website that are related to the topic in this video. So if you want to dig into this subject matter deeper than what I have already, choose one or more of these to review:

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Greek/Hebrew Resources

Within the video I also mention a FREE online resource for accessing the Thayer's and Gensenius' Lexicons on a website, as well as in apps for Apple iOS and Android devices. It's called the "Blue Letter Bible," and you can either look it up in the Apple and Android app stores, or visit their website by clicking the image below:


The other resources below are not free, of course, but I did want you to have the information about them. If the links work correctly, then clicking on these will take you to the Amazon.com location for your country (if there is one). Otherwise, it defaults to the USA location.

Of course, Kindle (eBook) versions of the books (which is available for Dr. Lisle's excellent "Discerning Truth" book below) can be purchased from anywhere in the world and viewed on your computer (Mac OSX or Windows) or mobile device (iOS or Android) with the FREE Kindle App. So that's another way to get books delivered wherever you are in the world, and it's instantaneous and you don't have to pay for shipping or (when importing) tariffs.


The first two of the following three products are 100% Christian. My family and I think very highly of Dr. Jason Lisle, and his small paperback/Kindle book on logic is written entirely from a biblical perspective with the subject of creation in mind. So it will also equip you to witness to people who claim a secular worldview. If you wish to go even deeper, then the DVDs below are excellent.

The third one is the best-selling logic textbook in the world. As I said in the video, I also like the fact that it is neutral regarding religion. However, it is expensive because it's a textbook. So I recommend buying a used copy or the spiral-bound edition. There's also an eBook version that's available for global electronic delivery, but it's about as expensive as the hard back edition. Regardless, to learn more about it and your options, click on the white book cover image for the main edition and it will take you to the nearest Amazon website (or the USA by default).  NOTE: If you are from India, and are familiar with the cultural references, then click here for the paperback India version. instead since it will save you a lot of money.

The comment section is open below. Now let's have a Bible study! 😀 


8 thoughts on “Bible Study: Spiritual Growth Part 1

  1. My apologies, everyone, for not noticing that the comments feature was turned OFF on this page when it published. Talking about a way to inhibit conversation! LOL! 😉

    Obviously, now it is turned on and ready to go. So please feel free to join in with your comments, questions, input, etc. Let’s have a Bible study! 😀


  2. It’s so amazing how these fundamental doctrines are so simple that a child can understand them, yet so profound that it confounds the wise. Even the fundamental milk of the word is so vast the more you dig deeper and deeper.

    • Excellent points, my son! Thank you for not only joining in on the Bible study from behind the camera during recording, but for adding a very insightful comment to this thread too. 🙂


      • God’s Word is more than a compilation of enigmas. It’s the mind of God expressed in spoken/written language. Even the most fundamental of topics never can be “too simple” or “too easy” to understand. Just yesterday my Dad got some insight on a fundamental topic in the Bible that he may cover in a future Bible study. You can read anything in the Bible and always get something new. It’s really fascinating. 😀

  3. Even though my computer froze I came back to this and it is wonderful…I cannot wait until next week…I have missed church and it is great…even though it is just a bible study….church!!

    • That’s right! We can have CHURCH anywhere we like, Sis! Even on the Internet! 😀

      ** Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

      Since our omnipresent Lord fills both time and space, here we are “gathered together” on this website and He is here in our “midst” as we fellowship around God’s Word! We can have “church” in a coffee shop, living room, or here online, because the Lord Jesus is with us wherever we gather in His Name!

      Thank you for joining in on the conversation, Marcy! Donna and I love you, Sis. Blessings to you and your family. 🙂


    • Welcome to the site, Ma’am! Dad, I, and our whole family are looking forward to posting future Bible studies! Like my Dad said, the Internet is a useful tool that we Christians can use to gather together in one place, no matter where we are! 😀

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