Our Bible study has started back up for 2017! Just click on the embedded video above to watch this episode. 🙂

In this third installment of this particular series, we continue our study of "Spiritual Growth," along with several tangent topics that you may find interesting.


I mentioned one of my articles within the video. I'll list that one first, but also two other articles related to the subject of this series. I will also post a link to the book I discussed during the video below.

Related Articles

I have a couple of articles already written on my other website that are related to the topic in this video. So if you want to dig into this subject matter deeper than what I have already, choose one or more of these to review:

Are You a Mature Christian? (Take the Tests and Find Out!)

True Doctrines ≠ Contradictions

Christianity: Are You Missing the Point?

Theological Book

The book "The Science of God" by Alister E. McGrath is below. Please note that, as I just noticed on Amazon, that there are numerous OTHER books out there by OTHER authors using the same title. However, several of those looked really weird to me. So let me note here that I am ONLY recommending this single book by this particular author:

The comments section is open on this page. These weekly Bible studies are intended to mimic an in-home or small-group Bible study, and therefore, your participation is invited. So in accordance with the rules laid out near the end of the video, scroll down the page to the comments section and join in. 🙂


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