The 4th installment of our series on the subject of spiritual growth and maturity is now embedded above. In addition to advancing this teaching forward, I also demonstrate herein how to do a somewhat forensic analysis of a passage of Scripture in the original language (which is Greek in this case) using the iOS app on my iPad. You can download that app from their website, or from the Apple Store on your device. It is also available for Google's Android operating system, as well.

Therefore, this particular episode of this series is designed to not only further your understanding of spiritual maturity and growth, but also is a basic lesson in Greek exegesis using this convenient digital resource. How cool is that? 😀 

I also use the following resource a few times during this video, which I discussed in more detail in the first video of this series. So allow me to provide a convenient Amazon link for you here in case you wish to learn more about it, or want to add it to your own personal library too:


It should also be noted that this episode is the second to the last one. The 5th and final installment has already been recorded, and will be posted early Saturday, January 28, 2017, to complete this series.

By the way, I also mention in both this 4th and the subsequent 5th episodes regarding some of the "controversial" topics that I'm considering tackling in my next series, which will begin in February. So if you wish to voice your desire to learn more about these or other topics of interest to you, please feel free to do so in the comments below.

As before, the comments section below is an opportunity for you to participate in this week's Bible study through discussion. Please do. 🙂

Always in Jesus,

- Rich Vermillion


2 thoughts on “Bible Study: Spiritual Growth Part 4

  1. Just to let you all know: I have already recorded the 5th and final episode to this Bible study series on spiritual maturity and growth. It will post automatically on Saturday, January 28th, at 3AM Texas-Time (Central U.S. time). So be watching for that!

    If you have any questions on anything, be sure to post a comment. 🙂

    Always in Jesus,

    – Rich

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