This 5th episode on spiritual growth and maturity is also the final one of this Bible study series. Since it was recorded shortly after the 4th video, I was able to easily build upon that session with the passages and teaching necessary to complete this important message.

As I promised to do in the 1st installment at some point in this series, I shared a new insight that I received regarding Luke 6:46-49. I also explain the importance of ministers, i.e., that we all must have input from godly men and women to help us grow in the faith of Jesus Christ. I finish by briefly recapping the entire series in such a way that viewers should see how all of the sessions and Scriptures tie into one another. Stated another way, I provided an executive summary at the end that provides an overview of everything so that you can understand how the details of each session relate to all of the others. So think of it like this: Each episode represents our journey together on a scenic roadway of Bible discovery. Then, in the end, we all fly in an airplane overhead to see all of the area we covered from an elevated perspective so we can see more easily how each leg of our travels related to the others. This quick "bird's-eye" view informs us how the sights we saw along the way correspond to one another. 🙂

Of course, as in most of my videos, I touched on a few side topics too. However, these were minimal in this last session as I was focused on finishing up the teaching and summarizing the series.

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Blessings to you all.

Always in Jesus,

- Rich Vermillion


3 thoughts on “Bible Study: Spiritual Growth Part 5

  1. Great teaching Rich 🙂. I like how you describe the foundation – digging and digging til you get to the rock. Then build on the foundational principles. ( I hope that’s described correctly).
    I have had a lot of opportunity in the last several weeks to dig into the Word via reading, being part of a stable, “sensible” Church, watching videos from yourself and others.

    I am also listening to Chris Rosebrough’s “Fighting For The Faith” broadcasts. He is extremely funny, and exposes false teachers. He goes into great detail from the bible to prove the difference of what is being taught. I have learned a great deal.He is a Lutheran Pastor, and, being Lutheran believes in cessation and is also very adamant that women shouldn’t teach in the Church.
    I certainly would appreciate a more in depth teaching on these two “sacred cows”.

    God bless you and your family

    • You are one of several people who have asked me recently to teach on Spirit-filled theology. Donna is excited about me teaching on that subject too. Thus, my very next series — which may take a while to complete, as it will be comprehensive — is going to be laying out the case of what the Bible teaches concerning this. I will likely record the first couple of episodes this coming week, and get it launched next weekend (February 4th, 2017). So be watching for it! 🙂

      Thank you also for the feedback on this episode/series, Alison. Yes, you described my point in this last session perfectly! Great job, Sis! 😀

      Donna and I love you and pray for you every night. Blessings to you Down Under!

      Always in Jesus,


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