We are now beginning a brand new series of videos on the subject of Spirit-Filled Theology! (The video is embedded at the top of this page.)

Within the series I will provide a thorough and comprehensive teaching on all of the various doctrines regarding the Holy Spirit as it relates to Christians. I will do so using the same methods that I taught in The Introductory Teaching Video that's found on this website, i.e., I will be using logical analysis of Scripture to reveal true, biblical doctrines.

Within this first episode, I introduce the overall subject matter by identifying the two "ditches" of extreme false doctrine: (1) The false teachings and behaviors that I categorize as "Charismania" on the one hand, and (2) the false and self-refuting "Cessationism" dogma on the other hand. The first is characterized by fleshly demonstrations, heresies, and even demonic manifestations. The second is known by its dead view of the Living God of creation, lifeless worship, and its heretical stone-hearted unbelief. These are the extremes. By identifying and exposing them clearly, we can more easily discern the "center of the road" that lies between these two ditches, so that we are not wrecked during our journey of faith.

At one point during this week's video, I explained "denial" from a logical perspective. Just to be sure my point is clearly understood, here's the symbolic expression of what I said again (which I didn't have in a written form to show you on the screen during the video):

Rational (honest) Denial, where T = "Truth" and ~ = "not":
~T = ~T
(read aloud as, "not-Truth equals not-Truth," which is valid)

Irrational (dishonest) Denial:
T = ~T

(read aloud as, "Truth equals not-Truth," which is a contradiction, and thus, false)

Again, I am providing these above just for reference. I explain what I mean by these within the video, so it will all make sense to you once you watch the teaching.

In this first episode of the series, I also share some of the subjects that we will be covering as it progresses. However, you may have questions about these issues that perhaps I didn't mention within this first video above. So be sure to share on this page whatever questions or concerns you might have. You can do so within the comments section below.

By the way, as a special treat, my oldest son, J.R., makes an appearance toward the end of the video! I'm very proud of my son, so it was a blessing to me to have him pop into the camera view so that you all could meet him. I'm sure you will see him in future episodes, as well.

Donna will eventually join me in some of these videos too. 😀

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During my teaching this week, I mentioned my personal testimony article and my in-depth audio teaching series. I said that I would provide you the links for your convenience, so here they are below:

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I also have a two other articles that are good foundational teachings that I recommend to you for your review. These will elaborate on the methods that I use — which are those that the Bible itself reveals — to ensure that I am presenting valid, biblical theology to you. It will be helpful for you to understand these principles as we progress through this important series on Spirit-Filled Theology, so that you can test the validity of the doctrines that I will be presenting to you, like we should always do:

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Again, the comments section is open below. Please provide your feedback on this first video of the series, but also your thoughts about the subject matter moving forward. You can ask questions too, in order to ensure that I cover your areas of concern as this series progresses.

Lastly, please note that we have sharing buttons at the top and bottom of every post on this website. Please share our content with the people you know on the social media that you use. Thank you. 🙂 

May God bless you abundantly as you seek and serve Him through Jesus Christ and His written Word, the Bible.

Always in Jesus,

- Rich Vermillion


One thought on “Spirit Filled Theology (Part 1): Avoiding the Ditches of Extreme Error

  1. This is going to be a fascinating series! I am looking forward to hearing what everyone wants to see covered at some point during its development. 🙂

    Always in Jesus,

    – Rich

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