Welcome to the second session on Spirit-Filled Theology! (Note: You can play the video by clicking on the embedded image above this text.)

This video is the first of a three-part subtopic teaching on "The End of Cessationism." As I explained within Spirit Filled Theology (Part 1): Avoiding the Ditches of Extreme Error, I am making it a point to completely destroy the false doctrine of "Cessationism" before getting into the many other subjects that we will cover in this series. (NOTE: Be sure to watch that video first in order to have the correct context for the points I make within this session.) A Cessationist adheres to an unbiblical teaching that is based on fallacies, that claims supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, tongues, etc., "ended" (ceased) after the so-called "apostolic age" (i.e, after "the last apostle died").

As I pointed out in Part 1, Cessationism isn't really a "belief" in the biblical sense at all. Rather, it is UNBELIEF because it opposes the clear precepts and examples found in the Word of God. In this subsequent video, I build on that foundation by explaining why this doctrine is also idolatrous. I then proceed to destroy the one "foot" upon which this idol of unbelief stands, i.e., that idea that once the canon of Scripture was completed, supernatural things ceased. I destroy that fallacious assumption using the clear English wording ofย 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 in the Bible in its immediate context, and then I compare THAT rational understanding of the passage with other Scriptures that discuss the same issue Paul was describing. Stated another way: I confirm my explanation of the clear language of the passage with numerous other passages of Scripture, which is something Cessationists are unable to do with their errant interpretation without resorting to more fallacies and self-contradictions. I finish this teaching by explaining where I will proceed in the next two videos of "The End of Cessationism" to utterly destroy this absurd doctrine from the minds of sincere and intellectually honest people.

ALSO, as a special bonus and in celebration of St. Valentine's Day, my lovely wife joins me for the closing ten minutes of this program! Donna is not only my beloved wife, she is also my true love and my dearest friend next to Jesus. So I am so pleased to finally have her join me for an episode to say hello to you all. I share a few things about her future appearances during that segment too, so be sure to watch it until the end. ๐Ÿ˜€ย 


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For those of you who are unfamiliar with my theological approach (particularly if you are a Cessationist who wishes to debate me on this subject), let me recommend that you read the following two articles of mine before watching the video above, and certainly before you comment on this page. They explain why the ONLY way to achieve correct doctrine is to apply God's laws of logic to the examination of the Bible in order to reach valid biblical conclusions.

Again, if you are a Cessationist: I strongly suggest that you read the two articles in their order and then proceed to watching the video above FULLY before attempting to challenge my teaching. Otherwise, you are being very dishonest by posting an attempted rebuttal when you haven't even reviewed the material. (Please note what it says about doing such things in Proverbs 26:16 and 18:13.) You are also in danger of using logical fallacies that I will certainly highlight within my reply to you. Thus, for purposes of due diligence, intellectual honesty, and to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, please read these two articles and then watch the video before posting a comment:

True Doctrines โ‰  Contradictions

Four Characteristics of Sound Doctrine

And as my regular viewers already know, the comments section is open below for civil (i.e., polite) discussion of this specific video and this series. Feel free to ask each other (and me) questions too.

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May God bless you abundantly as you seek and serve Him through Jesus Christ and His written Word, the Bible.

Always in Jesus,

- Rich Vermillion


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