The still photo that I chose for this week's post could be entitled, "The look on my face when someone says that they don't believe God does miracles today." 😆 

In the last post of this series, Spirit Filled Theology (Part 2): The End of Cessationism Pt 1, I examined the main passage of Scripture that is used to claim the end of miracles, i.e.,, 1 Corinthians 13:8-12. In the light of its immediate context AND numerous other passages of Scripture, I clearly show that it does NOT state — or even imply! — that supernatural demonstrations of God's Spirit "ceased" once the canon of Scripture was completed (i.e., once the last book of the Bible was written). I explained the main fallacy (error of reasoning) that Cessationists use in order to twist this passage to "say" what it clearly does NOT, but I also made clear what this passage DOES say. Furthermore, I confirmed and proved this clear interpretation by taking you on a journey around the New Testament.

So in truth, I already thoroughly refuted the unbiblical "idol" of Cessationist doctrine by destroying the chief argument upon which its adherents depend.

Nevertheless! In this second part of The End of Cessationism (which is also the third video of this entire series), I take this refutation even further. We examine a key Greek word using our handy-dandy Blue Letter Bible app (which I explain how you can download too) in order to grind this doctrine into the most fine powder so that it is utterly absurd in the light of the very word that they abuse with their false interpretation. Oooooo...this is fun! 😀


Always in Jesus,

- Rich


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