Anyone with a legitimate and sincere reason to contact either Rich or Donna Vermillion may do so using this Contact Page, including members of the media, as well as the general public and those experiencing website problems.

However, please do so only with the following caveats in mind:

PLEASE NOTE: Rich does NOT offer private financial advice to people he does not know, nor does he respond to “prophesy requests” from people seeking personal prophetic words. (You need to hear from God by seeking the Lord through prayer and by studying your Bible, not by requesting prophecies.)

However, Rich and Donna do try to minister to people who have actual ministry needs or questions, as the Lord directs, and their schedule allows. So please feel free to ask whatever questions you might have along those lines.

RESPONSE TIME: Rich & Donna have plenty of activities within their daily schedules, and they sometimes travel. So there might be a delay of several days or even a week or more before they respond to any contact request that they deem valid.

REBUKE OR CORRECTION: If you intend to “correct” or “rebuke” either Rich or Donna Vermillion using this form, then please read the articles “Judging”: Hypocritical vs. Biblical and Casting “Boomerang Stones” first. These will likely save you a lot of wasted time…and they might even prevent you from experiencing public embarrassment, as well.

Of course, any contact request that they deem inappropriate or lacking appropriate information may be disregarded entirely.

FOR SECURITY’S SAKE: The IP addresses of ALL people who use this contact form are recorded. Unfortunately, this precaution is necessary due to Rich and Donna’s bold confrontations of heretics, errant ministers, and cult-leaders—as well as their other public activities, such as Rich’s media appearances. Of course, threatening or hostile emails may be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement authorities—within the jurisdiction of the sender’s IP address—for further investigation.

With all of these caveats in mind, legitimate inquirers can now feel free to use the following contact form to initiate correspondence: