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This page provides various points of legalese related to the website itself, as well as the advertisers who use it to market their products/services.

Privacy Policy:

This website does place a small data file known as a “cookie” on your computer whenever you visit it, but this cookie is generated by the creators of the platform in order to enable functionality of the website. Therefore, it is not used by this website’s authors to track your Internet usage or to gather data about you in any way. Simply put, it is a functional cookie generated by the platform upon which this site is built, and not by the authors themselves.

However, this site has also implemented Google Analytics Advertising Features, such as their “Advertising Reporting Features” and “Remarketing” services. This means that beyond our website’s very basic cookie (generated by WordPress), third-party vendors may also use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) or other first-party identifiers, and third-party cookies (such as Google advertising cookies) or other third-party identifiers together. You can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features that you use, including Ads Settings, mobile apps Ad Settings, or any other available means (for example, the NAI’s consumer opt-out). In order to do so, please visit Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs for the web.

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Fair Use Notice:

The copyrighted materials used within this Internet weblog (aka, “blog”) and its embedded videos remain the sole copyright property of their respective owners. Use within this blog and its embedded videos of content authored by others is done under the “Fair Use” provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act (and all relevant international laws and treaties), which permits such use for criticism, public education, and for various non-commercial uses, etc.

Copyright Notice:

The original materials and information presented by Rich and Donna Vermillion (and/or their family, agents, representatives, and other contributors) on this blog and its embedded videos are the original copyrighted property of Rich and Donna Vermillion. These materials may be shared with the general public under the provisions of the following license (below) for non-commercial purposes. However, all commercial and for-profit uses are strictly prohibited and remain the sole, reserved, and exclusive, right of its copyright owners, Rich and Donna Vermillion.

License for Use/Distribution:

The pages of this website/blog may be shared on the Internet using the social media sharing capabilities included within this website, as well as by emailing or posting links. In other words, you may notify others of this content freely by any means you so choose, so long as you do not edit or revise said content in any way.

Short excerpts of articles and ACCURATE partial transcriptions of videos (i.e., “quotations”) may be shared with others on websites, social media, or in emails, so long as links are provided with said quotations to allow people to review the entire content back on the original pages of this website. If the other websites include preexisting advertising, then the non-commercial use provision of this license is waived for said advertisements. If the other website, email, blog, etc., is promoting products produced by Rich or Donna Vermillion (e.g., Amazon links to their products, etc.) or one of their affiliated companies, then the non-commercial use provision of this license is likewise waived for the purposes of promoting their materials/products/companies. If there is any question as to what constitutes allowed commercial use of quotations by Rich or Donna Vermillion, please contact them to clarify the matter.

Whenever videos provided on this website are from YouTube or other media providers, then other restrictions may apply on their usage based upon their content creator’s choices. Thus, it is highly recommended that when sharing videos from YouTube and other media content sources, that, whenever possible, you do so using the original links in order to avoid possible copyright violations AND to abide by the policies of those websites, even with respect to Rich and Donna Vermillion’s YouTube videos, etc.


This website does accept donations from individuals and businesses because it is viewer-supported. PayPal is the company/service that processes donation payments for this website. Their security and privacy policies, along with their user agreement (i.e., terms of use), can be accessed and reviewed on the donation page that appears whenever you click on any PayPal clink on this website. AT NO TIME WHATSOEVER DO THE AUTHORS OF THIS WEBSITE HAVE ANY ACCESS TO YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION WHEN YOU MAKE A DONATION THROUGH PAYPAL.

INDEMNIFICATION NOTICE: Neither this website, Rich or Donna Vermillion, or any of their family, companies, etc., is responsible for the services provided by PayPal. While PayPal was chosen to process payments because of their stellar reputation in the industry for security and accuracy of transactions, there is no way any party/entity associated with this website, or Rich and Donna Vermillion personally, can be responsible for PayPal’s systems and security since only PayPal has control of them. Therefore, all parties/entities associated with this website are INDEMNIFIED from ANY AND ALL liabilities regarding online donation/payment transactions made through the PayPal payment system.

Donations made to Rich and Donna Vermillion and are made by willing parties according to their own judgment and ability. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS PROVIDED FOR DONATIONS GIVEN TO RICH AND DONNA VERMILLION AND THERICHVERMILLIONSHOW.COM. Donations are just that, donations. Budgetary constraints and considerations do not allow any party or entity associated with this website to offer refunds for donations made.


The expressed views of Rich and/or Donna Vermillion (and/or their family, agents, representatives, and other contributors) within this blog and its embedded videos are the opinions of Rich and/or Donna Vermillion (and/or their family, agents, representatives, and other contributors to this blog). There is absolutely no intention to libel, slander, defame, or misrepresent any person, entity, or event described, named, or inferred to, herein. Thus, this blog, its embedded videos, and all documents herein are clear and certain expressions of Rich and Donna Vermillion’s (and/or their family’s, agents’, representatives’, and other contributors’) opinions and First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, they are expressions of bona fide “free speech” and “freedom of religion” under all applicable international laws and treaties.

Any similarities between people not personally known by Rich and Donna Vermillion (and their family, agents, and/or other contributors), and the descriptions of people provided by the same without specific and clear personal reference/identification, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Errors and Omissions:

It is entirely possible that there could be unintentional errors or omissions on this website, its embedded videos, and/or the documents offered for download and/or review. Rich and Donna Vermillion, their family, and agents/representatives, and all contributors to this blog are hereby expressly indemnified from any and all liabilities that may arise from such unintentional errors or omissions.